November 10 2023

Foghat: Sonic Mojo

FOGHAT continues to appeal to fans of all ages because their music is timeless.

Meshuggah: Chaosphere

Originally released on November 9th, 1998, Meshuggah’s 3rd full length studio album shows the band toning down some of the thrashier sounds of previous releases.

Mick Jenkins: The Patience

[acf_views view-id=”95″ name=”Artist, Label, Genre”] [acf_views view-id=”117″ name=”Run, Color, Discs”] Description: The Patience is an album by Mick Jenkins, released by RBC Records. It was first made available on July 28, 2023. The album is produced by RBC Records and consists of one disc. Mick Jenkins is an American hip-hop artist known for his introspective …

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Sodom: 1982

In the spring of 1982, in the outskirts of Essen, Germany, three long-haired musicians found themselves in a small rehearsal room, surrounded by industrial wasteland. They were Sodom, a thrash metal band, and they were about to record their first demo tape.

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