Alban Berg Quartett: Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets 1989 Live recordings

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The Alban Berg Quartet, comprising musicians who honed their skills within the rich musical tradition of Vienna, has left a remarkable imprint on the world of classical music. They embarked on the ambitious task of recording Beethoven’s Complete String Quartets not once, but twice. The first recording took place in a studio from 1978 to 1983 at the Evangelische Kirche in Seon, Switzerland. For the second recording, the quartet decided to capture the live experience, performing in June 1989 at the Mozart-Saal of the Konzerthaus in Vienna, Austria. This second version of the Beethoven’s Complete String Quartets is now being offered for the first time in a vinyl clamshell box as a limited edition. In these live performances, the members of the Alban Berg Quartet rise to the challenge of these complex and ambitious works, which stand among the pinnacle of chamber music repertoire. Their distinct polish, finesse, and intellectual depth shine through, enhanced by moments of wildness and a captivating energy that is distinctly Beethovenian. As a renowned ensemble deeply rooted in the Viennese musical tradition, the Alban Berg Quartet showcases their mastery and dedication to their craft. Their interpretations of Beethoven’s timeless compositions are a testament to their musical prowess and their ability to evoke both excitement and emotional depth in their performances. With this release, listeners have the opportunity to delve into the unparalleled artistry of the Alban Berg Quartet and experience the transcendence of live chamber music at its finest.

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