Albert Ayler: Love Cry (Verve By Request Series) [LP]

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1968’s Love Cry is a groundbreaking album that showcases Albert Ayler’s unique blend of free jazz with elements of nursery rhythms and brass band marches. This experimental jazz masterpiece also marks Ayler’s final recording with his brother, Donald, who adds a fiery energy to the music. The rhythm section, comprised of Alan Silva on bass, Milford Graves on drums, and Call Cobbs on harpsichord, further enhances the dynamic and intense atmosphere of the album. Love Cry remains a pinnacle example of the experimental jazz movement of its time. Albert Ayler, an American saxophonist and composer, was an influential figure in avant-garde jazz. His avant-garde approach to music and powerful saxophone playing style made him stand out in the jazz scene of the 1960s. Ayler’s music often incorporated elements of free jazz, spirituals, and folk music, creating a unique and distinctive sound. While his work was not always embraced by mainstream audiences during his lifetime, Ayler’s contributions to the genre continue to inspire musicians to this day. Love Cry stands as a testament to his innovative spirit and experimental approach to jazz.

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