Ashley McBryde: The Devil I Know (Amazon Exclusive Opaque Gold Vinyl)

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Ashley McBryde, a GRAMMY Award-winning artist, has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry with her highly acclaimed albums. Hailing from Arkansas, McBryde effortlessly combines elements of traditional country, rock-infused roots, and powerful biker-bar riffs. American Songwriter has praised her music for its ability to strike a perfect balance between energetic rock, classic country, and even subtle bluegrass influences. In her upcoming album, “The Devil I Know,” set to be released on September 8th under Warner Music Nashville, McBryde and her band, Dead Horse, have refined and perfected their unique sound. McBryde explains that when creating this album, they followed their usual routine of gathering in their purple building in East Nashville, jamming to numerous songs, and discussing the artistic direction they wanted to pursue. Ultimately, they decided to amplify all the elements that critics often scrutinize and challenge them on, embracing and enhancing their distinctive style.

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