Bluey: Bluey Dance Mode (Orange)

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‘Dance Mode’ is the thrilling sequel to the acclaimed, chart-topping debut ‘Bluey: The Album.’ This collection features 17 brand new tracks from seasons 2 and 3 of the worldwide sensation, all originally composed by Joff Bush. Pressed on 140g orange vinyl and presented in a foiled sleeve, the artwork connects with ‘Bluey: The Album’ to form a larger image. Widely praised by parents and media for its heartfelt and humorous portrayal of family life and the celebration of play, Bluey follows a 6-year-old Blue Heeler dog who loves to play and transforms everyday family life into extraordinary adventures, revealing unpredictable and hilarious outcomes while bringing her family – including younger sister Bingo, parents Bandit and Chilli, friends, and the community – into her world of fun and discovery. Bluey is an Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning hit that has captured the hearts of families worldwide and now airs on multiple platforms, including ABC, Disney Jr, Disney+, and CBeebies. ‘Bluey: The Album’ reached number 1 on the Australian ARIA chart and the Billboard’s US Kid Albums chart. The new album ‘Dance Mode’ showcases music from the show, ranging from the energetic EDM-inspired title track ‘Dance Mode’ to ‘The BeeeeeOOP Walk,’ ‘Rain (Boldy In The Pretend),’ and ‘Cat Squad.’


1 Bluey Theme Tune (Dance Remix)
2 Dance Mode
3 Doo-Ba-Zoo
4 The Beeeeeoop Walk
5 Chattermax
6 Copycat
7 Lollipop Yum Yum Yum
8 Cat Squad!
9 Omelette
10 Sticky Gecko
11 The Gnome Song – Feat. Meg Washington
12 Army
13 Grandad
14 It Was Yesterday
15 Rain (Instrumental)
16 Rainbow
17 Rain (Boldly in the Pretend) – Feat. Jazz D’arcy

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