Botch: An Anthology of Dead Ends

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Botch’s final EP, An Anthology of Dead Ends, originally recorded in 2002, is being re-issued by Sargent House over 20 years later. This EP serves as a testament to the band’s creativity and showcases their unique blend of mathcore, hardcore, and metal, along with elements of noise and indie rock guitar intricacies. It solidifies Botch’s status as one of the greats in heavy music and their influence on numerous bands. Formed in 1993, Botch consisted of Brian Cook on bass, David Knudson on guitar, Tim Latona on drums, and Dave Verellen on vocals. After their final show in 2002, the members went on to play in other successful bands such as These Arms Are Snakes, Minus the Bear, and Russian Circles. Despite disbanding over 20 years ago, Botch has decided to reunite for select dates across the US throughout the end of 2023.

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