Caribou: Our Love (Limited Edition) [Pink]

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Our Love by Caribou is a stunning exploration of modern electronic music, seamlessly blending digital pop production, hip-hop-inspired beats, muted house basslines, and shuffling garage rhythms reminiscent of the Start Breaking My Heart era. The album is also infused with the warm analog sounds of classic soul, making it Caribou’s most soulful record to date.

Tracks like “Back Home” showcase heartfelt lyrics about tired relationships and weary love, creating an organic and emotional experience that cuts through the layers of bubbling synths and euphoric sounds. While Our Love touches on themes of mortality, loss, and letting go, it remains a celebration of life and love, demonstrating the unique perspective and creativity of Caribou. Don’t miss this incredible sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of electronic music while remaining deeply rooted in emotion and soul.


1 Can’t Do Without You
2 Silver
3 All I Ever Need
4 Our Love
5 Dive
6 Second Chance
7 Julia Brightly
8 Mars
9 Back Home
10 Your Love Will Set You Free

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