Courtney Barnett: End of the Day (music from the film Anonymous Club) (MILKY CLEAR VINYL)

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Anonymous Club is a candid documentary directed by Danny Cohen that focuses on the personal journey of artist Courtney Barnett. Over the past decade, Barnett has faced various challenges and celebrated hard-earned victories within the indie scene. The documentary presents a cautiously redemptive portrayal of her life, emphasizing the potential for fulfillment and stability rather than explicitly promising them. Prior to the film's release in May 2021, Barnett and collaborator Stella Mozgawa joined Cohen in Melbourne to craft a fitting score that would complement the documentary's premise. The objective was to create a that didn't dictate the audience's emotions but rather encouraged introspection. Barnett found herself drawn to the instrumentals created by the duo and began analyzing them as unique puzzle pieces, figuring out how they contribute to the larger picture. The outcome of this process is a collection of 17 improvisations titled “End of the Day: Music from the Film ‘Anonymous Club.'” This soundtrack offering reimagines the traditional concept of a film score, presenting it as an impressionistic sound-art collage. Similar to Barnett's lyrical compositions, these instrumentals silently pose profound questions to elicit contemplation about our most vulnerable aspects and the true essence of our experiences. Each track title represents a distinct element of the musical journey, such as “Start Somewhere,” “Life Balance,” and “Sun Through.” The album perfectly complements the emotional depth of the documentary, providing a captivating and thought-provoking sonic experience.

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