Dave Matthews Band: Walk Around The Moon

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DAVE MATTHEWS – WALK AROUND THE MOON – VINYL LP – Dive into the captivating sounds of Dave Matthews Band’s 10th studio album, Walk Around the Moon. Crafted during the pandemic, this introspective record is both a contemplation of the present and an invitation to seek unity. Timed perfectly to coincide with the band’s 2023 summer tour, Walk Around the Moon is a must-have addition to your vinyl collection. Experience the unforgettable musical journey that only Dave Matthews Band can deliver with their latest masterpiece.


Disc: 1
1 Walk Around the Moon
2 Madman’s Eyes
3 Looking for a Vein
4 The Ocean and the Butterfly
5 It Could Happen
6 Something to Tell My Baby
Disc: 2
1 After Everything
2 All You Wanted Was Tomorrow
3 The Only Thing
4 Break Free
5 Monsters
6 Singing From the Windows

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