DJ Znobia: Inventor Vol 1

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This four-volume retrospective showcases the groundbreaking work of DJ Znobia, a pioneer of Kuduro and tarraxinha music from Angola. Born in the musseke of Rangel in the capital city of Luanda, DJ Znobia has been a pivotal figure in the electronic and digital modernism of his country’s music scene. He is widely recognized as the first purveyor of tarraxinha, a slow shuffle style originating from Benguela, and has made significant contributions to genres like kuduro, batida, and techno. Over the course of three decades, his influence as a producer, DJ, MC, and public figure has left a lasting imprint on Angolan culture. This retrospective project involved the careful selection of tracks from DJ Znobia’s vast archive, consisting of over 700 songs. The chosen tracks represent a balanced yet representative collection of his work, spanning from the late 90’s to the mid-2000s. Alongside his peers and collaborators, DJ Znobia played a crucial role in popularizing these music styles, which have since spread worldwide. Due to the complexity of DJ Znobia’s story and the challenging dynamics of Angola, it is difficult to summarize his journey and impact in a simple narrative. To fully grasp the history and current reality of the music and the streets of Luanda, one must experience it alongside DJ Znobia himself. He serves as a mirror and visionary of his country’s streets, within a context of complicated dynamics and the mistreatment of its citizens. This conversation aims to shed light on the genius of street music and allow for a deeper understanding of DJ Znobia’s contributions.

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