Djo: Twenty Twenty

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Joe Keery, known for his role in “Stranger Things,” began his music career as a teenager when he started playing his sister’s guitar. However, it was during his college years at DePaul University in Chicago that he formed his first band, Post Animal, and began taking music seriously. Post Animal, a heavy psych rock outfit, released a self-titled EP and two albums via Polyvinyl. They also had the opportunity to tour with artists like Twin Peaks, Wavves, and Cage The Elephant, and performed at various US festivals. In 2019, Keery surprised fans with his solo project called Djo. Instead of releasing a single, he unveiled a full-length album titled “Twenty Twenty.” The album received praise for its lush and self-reflective sound, featuring 12 layered tracks. Rodeo Mag described Keery’s music as a unique blend of psych and alternative elements that showcased his own creative design and highlighted his talent. Despite being released without much promotion or a label, fans discovered the album, leading to over 200 million streams to date. 

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