Dylan LeBlanc: Coyote

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Dylan LeBlanc, the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is gearing up to unveil his eagerly awaited album, ‘Coyote’, on 20th October through ATO Records. This release comes just before his trio of UK performances scheduled for the end of the month. The album’s debut single, ‘No Promises Broken’, is available for listening below.

‘Coyote’ is portrayed as a blend of semi-autobiography and thematic storytelling, detailing the life of a man perpetually on the brink. The character, Coyote, finds himself ensnared in Mexico’s criminal depths. Battling to extricate himself from this dark world, he’s haunted by his history—grief over lost love and a life gone astray. On his journey towards salvation and liberation, Coyote grapples with profound themes like human nature, materialism, and the perpetual quest for more. As the narrative climaxes, he stands at a daunting junction in Los Angeles, leaving the audience pondering his ultimate destiny.

For the first time, LeBlanc steps into the role of producer with ‘Coyote’, collaborating with an elite ensemble of musicians. This includes drummer Fred Eltringham (associated with Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crow), pianist Jim “Moose” Brown (Bob Seger), and bassist Seth Kaufman (Lana Del Rey). ‘Coyote’ succeeds LeBlanc’s 2019 album ‘Renegade’, which garnered acclaim from outlets like Rolling Stone Country, American Songwriter, No Depression, and even us — suffice it to say, we were thoroughly impressed.

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