GREEN LUNG: This Heathen Land (Green)

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GREEN LUNG is a renowned cult band that emerged in London in 2017. With their unique fusion of folk horror and occult rock, they quickly gained a dedicated following not only in the UK but also internationally. Their first two albums, Woodland Rites (2019) and Black Harvest (2021), solidified their reputation and led to opportunities such as touring with Clutch and performing at esteemed festivals like Roadburn, Bloodstock, and Download. Their immense talent caught the attention of Nuclear Blast Records, the world’s largest independent heavy metal label, resulting in a record deal. After the success of Black Harvest, GREEN LUNG has now released their most ambitious offering yet, titled This Heathen Land. This album reflects the band’s ultimate vision and accomplishes their goal of creating the definitive soundtrack to a folk horror film. GREEN LUNG’s powerful and captivating music continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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