Hiromi: Silver Lining Suite [2 LP] [45rpm]

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Hiromi’s latest album, Silver Lining Suite, pairs her virtuosic and emotive piano with a string quartet assembled by violinist Tatsuo Nishie, concertmaster of the New Japan Philharmonic. This captivating collaboration was devised for a series of livestream concerts at the Blue Note Tokyo during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album showcases a vibrant hybrid of classical music and jazz, blurring the lines between genres. With fervent, rock-inspired energy and cinematic beauty, Silver Lining Suite exemplifies the artistic vision that Hiromi has consistently brought to her music. In addition to her remarkable musical talent, Hiromi Uehara, known professionally as Hiromi, is a renowned Japanese pianist and composer. She first gained international recognition with her debut album, Another Mind, released in 2003. Since then, Hiromi has continued to push the boundaries of traditional jazz piano, incorporating various influences into her compositions and performances. Her virtuosity and boundless creativity have earned her widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. With each new release, Hiromi continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of technical mastery and emotional depth.

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