Joe Hisaishi: Castle In The Sky Original Soundtrack (Limited Edition) [Blue]

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This soundtrack features the enchanting insert song ‘Kimi o Nosete.’ The jacket’s captivating image showcases the Tiger Moth, the airship belonging to the Dolas air pirates from ‘Castle In The Sky.’ Complementing the visual experience, the double jacket also includes a duplicate cel of Pazu and Sheeta, immersing listeners in the fantastical world of the film.


Side A:
The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
Morning in the Slag Ravine
A Fun Brawl (Pursuit)
Memories of Gondoa
Discouraged Pazu
Robot Soldier (Resurrection/Rescue)
Carrying You (Chorus: Suginami Children’s Choir)
Side B:
Sheeta’s Decision
On the Tiger Moth
An Omen to Ruin
The Sea of Cloud Under the Moonlight
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
The Collapse of Laputa (Chorus: Suginami Children’s Choir)
Carrying You (Singing: Azumi Inoue)

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