Joe Hisaishi: Howl’s Moving Castle Original Soundtrack (Limited Edition) [Clear Orange]

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Get your hands on this limited production run of color vinyl featuring all your favorite Studio Ghibli’s analog soundtracks! Each film’s soundtrack in the highly popular “Studio Ghibli Analog Vinyl Series” is now available in limited quantity colored vinyl.

Music by Joe Hisaishi, with a total of 26 captivating tracks. This 2-disc set features double cover art (SIDE-A, B & C contain music, while SIDE-C reverse side is without audio).

Included is the film’s theme song “Sekai no Yakusoku,” performed by protagonist Sophie’s voice actress, Chieko Baisho. The vinyl color for this release is a stunning Clear Orange, making it a must-have for any Studio Ghibli fan and collector.


Disc 1
1 Opening Song – Merry-Go-Round of Life
2 The Merry Light Cavalrymen
3 A Walk in the Skies
4 Heartbeat
5 Witch of the Waste
6 Sophie in Exile
7 The Magic Door
8 Irremovable Spell
9 Cleaning House
10 To Star Lake
11 Unspoken Love
12 In the Rain
13 Vanity and Friendship
14 A Ninety-Year-Old Girl
15 Saliman’s Spell – Return to the Castle
16 The Secret Cave
17 Moving to a New House
18 The Flower Garden
19 Run!
20 You’re in Love
Disc 2
1 Family
2 Love Under Fire
3 Escape
4 Sophie’s Castle
5 The Boy Who Swallowed a Star
6 Ending Song – The Promise of the World – Merry-Go-Round of Life

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