Joe Hisaishi: My Neighbor Totoro Original Soundtrack (Limited Edition) [Green]

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Discover your favorite Studio Ghibli soundtracks in a whole new light with this limited production run of colored vinyl releases! The highly popular “Studio Ghibli Analog Vinyl Series” now offers limited quantity colored vinyl for each iconic film’s soundtrack.

Immerse yourself in Joe Hisaishi’s warm and cozy compositions, featuring memorable tracks like “Sanpo” and “My Neighbor Totoro.” This special edition Clear Green vinyl also includes a 4-page color graphic and insightful commentary to enhance your listening experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Studio Ghibli magic!



  1. Sanpo-Opening Theme Song (Azumi Inoue)
  2. Gogatsu no Mura
  3. Obake ya shiki!
  4. Mei to Susuwatari
  5. Yugure no kaze
  6. Kowakunai
  7. O mimai ni ikou
  8. Okasan
  9. Chisana obake
  10. Totoro
  11. Tsukamori no Taiju
  12. Maigo


  1. Kaze no tori michi
  2. Zubu nure obake
  3. Tsukiyo no hiko
  4. Mei ga Inai
  5. Neko Bus
  6. Yokatta ne
  7. My Neighbor Totoro – EndingTheme Song (Azumi Inoue)
  8. Sanpo (Chorus: Azumi Inoue, Suginami Junior Chorus)

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