Joe Hisaishi: Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind Original Soundtrack (Limited Edition) [Lime]

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Discover the captivating soundtrack inspired by the film’s image album, beautifully presented with a jacket featuring an evocative watercolor painting from the original Nausicaä comic. The artwork captures a poignant moment where Nausicaä aims her gun to end the suffering of a dying baby Ohmu, which she tried to save but was unable to help. This release is accompanied by a four-page spread of stunning illustrations and is housed in a double jacket, creating a truly immersive experience for the listener.



  1. “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” ~ Opening ~
  2. Runaway of the royal bullock
  3. Valley of the Wind
  4. Insect love shining princess
  5. Kushana’s invasion
  6. combat?


  1. Interaction with the royal bullock
  2. In a corrupt sea
  3. Annihilation of Petite
  4. Battle of Maube and Corvette
  5. Reviving gigantic soldier
  6. Nausicaa · Requiem
  7. “Bird Man” ~ Ending ~

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