Joe Hisaishi: Porco Rosso Original Soundtrack (Limited Edition) [Red]

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For the first time on vinyl, experience Joe Hisaishi’s breathtaking score with new mastering and fresh jacket artwork. Savor the rich sound of this vinyl record, featuring 23 mesmerizing tracks. The album includes the beautiful theme song ‘The Time Of The Cherries’ and the nostalgic ending song ‘Once In A While, Let’s Talk About The Old Days,’ both with heartfelt vocals by Tokiko Kato. Dedicated to preserving the acoustic essence, this album was masterfully recorded by a full 70-piece orchestra, adding depth and grandeur to the listening experience.


1.1 A1. the Wind of Ages – When a Human Can Be a Human
1.2 A2. Mamma Aiuto
1.3 A3. Addio!
1.4 A4. Bygone Days
1.5 A5. a Picture in Sepia
1.6 A6. Serbian March
1.7 A7. Flying Boatmen
1.8 A8. Doom – Trap of Clouds
1.9 A9. Porco E Bella
1.10 A10. Fio – Seventeen
1.11 A11. Women of Piccolo
1.12 A12. Friend
1.13 A13. Partnership
1.14 B1. to the Adriatic Sea
1.15 B2. in Search of the Distant Era
1.16 B3. Love at the First Sight in the Wildness
1.17 B4. at the End of the Summer
1.18 B5. Lost Spirit
1.19 B6. Dog Fight
1.20 B7. Porco E Bella – Ending
1.21 B8. Le Temps Des Cerises
1.22 B9. Sometimes Old Stories

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