Kenny Roby: Kenny Roby

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Kenny Roby’s self-titled album takes listeners on a journey to an alternate world where he channels the spirit of Leonard Cohen. In this realm, Cohen showcases his skills as a southern culinarian, adding just the right amount of vinegar to balance out the sweetness. Roby, known for his ability to find the delicate intersection between beauty and sadness in his music, has always been labeled an old soul since his early days as the frontman of 6 String Drag. It’s as if he has lived countless lives and shares the tales of his adventures through his songs. In another dimension, Roby could be likened to the troubadour version of Hermes, carrying souls to their final resting place and gathering their secrets along the way. His music is a testament to his storytelling prowess and his ability to transport listeners to different worlds through his soul-stirring melodies.

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