Knuckle Puck: Losing What We Love

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Knuckle Puck, a renowned pop-punk band hailing from Chicago, US, has gained immense recognition in the music industry. Throughout their thirteen-year journey, they have honed their skills, delivering powerful emotions through their music. Their lyrics have always oscillated between fiery introspection and a glimmer of hope, striking a delicate balance. However, their latest album, Losing What We Love, marks a departure from sugarcoating life’s harsh realities. This record dives headfirst into the process of accepting those realities, embracing the transition from a peak to a nadir in life. These songs pay homage to the familiar while acknowledging that change is inevitable. Cassasanto, the band member, explains the shift in their approach, stating that they have moved away from crafting hopeful and cool-sounding lyrics. They now write with honesty, acknowledging the uphill battle against the state of the world. Instead of pretending everything is fine, they express the need for panic. This album serves as an honest expression rather than a motivational speech.

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