Lael Neale: Acquainted With Night

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Lael Neale, a musician and poet, has a deep appreciation for the simplicity and distillation of poetry. This devotion to poetic expression is evident in her latest album, “Acquainted With Night.” Stripping away any unnecessary elements, Lael’s crystalline voice is accompanied by the ethereal sound of the omnichord, creating a beautifully minimalist collection of songs. The themes of isolation, mortality, yearning, and the search for transcendent experiences have been woven into Lael’s work for years, reflecting her upbringing on a farm in rural Virginia and her subsequent years spent in Los Angeles honing her skills as a songwriter. However, it wasn’t until she embraced the simplicity of recording with just a cassette recorder and the omnichord that her songs truly came to life. With limited tracks and first takes, Lael had to let go of her perfectionism and allow the essence of the songs to shine through. The album takes listeners on a journey through the contrasting landscapes of Los Angeles and the idyllic farm, with songs like “For No One For Now” capturing the tension between romantic ideals and the mundane realities of everyday life. “Every Star Shivers in the Dark” pays homage to the sprawling city, while “Blue Vein” becomes a personal anthem, delivering a powerful message with stripped-down honesty. Despite the darkening evening hours during which most of these songs were recorded, Lael Neale became intimately acquainted with the night, crafting a mesmerizing and introspective album.

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