Laura Pausini: Simili – Ltd Numbered 180gm Transparent

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Simili is Laura Pausini’s 11th album of unreleased songs, released in 2015. The album features two additional live tracks, “Lato Destro Del Cuore” and “Simili”. “Lato Destro Del Cuore” is a powerful ballad written by Biagio Antonacci. Simili also includes collaborations with acclaimed artists Jovanotti and Giuliano Sangiorgi of Negramaro, who have written songs for Laura for the first time. The album consists of 15 tracks that delve into the emotions and experiences Laura went through during that period, which she considered one of the happiest moments of her private life and career. Simili marks Laura’s first release of unpublished work in four years, following the success of her Greatest Hits album celebrating her twenty-year career. This album stands out as it is not entirely autobiographical, with Laura singing about universal stories. 

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