Lost Girls: Selvutsletter

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Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden, who have collaborated for over a decade, recently released their debut album as Lost Girls in 2021, titled “Menneskekollektivet.” The album received critical acclaim, with Pitchfork giving it a Best New Music mark. Their second album, “Selvutsletter,” is set to be released on October 20th, 2023. Similar to its predecessor, the album title is a made-up Norwegian word that holds meaning – it translates to “self-effacer,” someone who tries to erase themselves or clean out their own existence. Lost Girls had the opportunity to perform a concert at Les Subsistances in Lyon in 2022, where they decided to create new material and view it as a coherent piece. Working collaboratively, Volden provided beats and guitar chords, while Hval added melodies, lyrics, and additional sounds, resulting in shorter, more concise, and melodic songs compared to their debut LP. The album’s lyrics touch on various themes, including cities at night, music rituals, band practices in the 90s, and the early days of the internet – inspired by Hval’s memories of her hometown and her obsession with music as a means of escape. “Selvutsletter” takes listeners on a journey to rediscover the experience of discovering music and the communal process of creation. It incorporates elements of experimental rock music and the intuitive, late-night ambiance that characterizes Lost Girls’ previous work. The album is a vibrant and bilingual tapestry of colors, words, vegetation, and electricity, showcasing the duo’s fiery and adventurous musical style. (Please note that the product dimensions, weight, ASIN, and country of origin have been excluded from this description.)

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