Maisie Peters: The Good Witch Snake Bite (Red – Limited Edition)

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Maisie’s sophomore album, ‘The Good Witch,’ stands as the introspective and self-reflective counterpart to her BRIT Breakthrough certified debut, ‘You Signed Up For This.’ Written during her whirlwind 2022 tour, the album chronicles Maisie’s search for balance between career highs and personal lows. Drawing inspiration from Joan Didion, J.M. Barrie, Greek mythology, and Western movies, ‘The Good Witch’ delves into romantic breakups, friendships, and self-worth. Showcasing newfound confidence and artistic ambition, Maisie worked with top producers and collaborators in London, Suffolk, Stockholm, Bergen, and LA to create a compelling and emotionally resonant album.


  1. The Good Witch
  2. Coming Of Age
  3. Watch
  4. Body Better
  5. Want You Back
  6. The Band And I
  7. You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kinda The Man)
  8. Lost The Breakup
  9. Wendy
  10. Run
  11. Two Weeks Ago
  12. BSC
  13. Therapy
  14. There It Goes
  15. History Of Man

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