Medeski Martin & Wood: Shack-Man

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Shack-Man, the groundbreaking 1996 album by the acclaimed trio of John Medeski, Billy Martin, and Chris Wood, took the jazz genre to new heights and won over a whole new audience in the “jam band” scene. Recorded in a remote, solar-powered plywood shack in Hawaii, the album masterfully blends ’70s soul-jazz with modern sensibilities, thanks to Medeski’s innovative explorations on the Hammond B-3. This vinyl release is a must-have for fans of both jazz and groove, marking the first time Shack-Man has been available on vinyl. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece, featuring tracks such as “Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus,” “Think,” “Dracula,” “Bubblehouse,” “Henduck,” and more.


A1. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
A2. Think
A3. Dracula
A4. Bubblehouse
A5. Henduck
A6. Strance of the Spirit Red Gator
B1. Spy Kiss
B2. Lifeblood
B3. Jelly Belly
B4. Night Marchers
B5. Kenny

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