Melanie Martinez: PORTALS

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Boasting over 12 billion global streams, 4 billion YouTube views, 53 million social media followers, and 27 million videos featuring her music, Melanie Martinez returns with an enchanting trailer for her highly anticipated new album, PORTALS. Martinez unveiled PORTALS on TikTok, announcing the end of her infamous alter-ego “Cry Baby,” last seen contemplating entering the light in the mesmerizing finale of 2019’s critically acclaimed film, K-12. The exclusive trailer, directed by Martinez herself, introduces a mysterious egg and the enigmatic figure that emerges from it.

“Portals screams death is life is death is life is death is life. A continuous loop. A circle.” – MELANIE MARTINEZ

Marking the 27-year-old NYC-born singer-songwriter-filmmaker’s first full-length release in almost four years, PORTALS follows her 2 billion-streaming, RIAA Gold-certified second album, K-12. Released in September 2019, K-12 became a sensation, debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200—Martinez’s highest chart position to date—along with #1 rankings on both the Alternative Album and Soundtrack Album charts.


To be announced.

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