Neil Young with the Santa Monica Flyers: Somewhere Under the Rainbow 1973

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Experience the magic of Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers (featuring Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Ben Keith, Billy Talbot, and Ralph Molina) as they took the stage at London’s Rainbow Theatre on November 5th, 1973. The first half of this unforgettable concert showcased Neil Young’s masterpiece album, ‘Tonight’s The Night.’ Meticulously recorded by Pete Long, the album captures the intensity of the live performances, featuring riveting renditions of ‘Tonight’s The Night’ tracks, along with timeless Young classics such as “Cowgirl In The Sand,” “Don’t Be Denied,” and “Flying On The Ground Is Wrong.” Don’t miss this extraordinary live recording, a must-have for any Neil Young fan.


Disc: 1
1 Tonight’s the Night (Live)
2 Mellow My Mind (Live)
3 World on a String (Live)
4 Speakin’ Out (Live)
5 Albuquerque (Live)
Disc: 2
1 New Mama (Live)
2 Roll Another Number (For the Road) [Live]
3 Tired Eyes (Live)
4 Tonight’s the Night – Part II (Live)
Disc: 3
1 Flying on the Ground Is Wrong (Live)
2 Human Highway (Live)
3 Helpless (Live)
Disc: 4
1 Don’t Be Denied (Live)
2 Cowgirl in the Sand (Live)

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