Noah Gundersen: If This Is The End  (White & Black)

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After taking a break from actively pursuing his music career, Noah Gundersen has returned, feeling disillusioned with the industry and unsure of his place in it. He decided to work in construction, which brought about significant personal growth and allowed him to push beyond his previous limits of commitment. Reflecting on this transformative period of his life, Noah’s experiences are evident throughout his new record. The songs carry a mix of regret and failure, but also hope and the transformative power of love. Noah has come to accept the way things have been and the way they currently are, realizing the limited control we have over our lives. He acknowledges that everything is transient, and hopes that these songs will resonate with listeners in the ways they need. Like a message in a bottle, Noah’s music arrives at just the right time, washing up on your shore to deliver a meaningful message.

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