Palma Violets: Danger in the Club

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Palma Violets is a British indie rock band formed in 2011. Known for their energetic and raw sound, the band quickly gained attention and critical acclaim with their debut album, “180”. However, it was their sophomore release, “Danger in the Club”, that solidified their place in the music scene. Released in 2015, the album showcases a blend of punk, garage rock, and psychedelic influences, creating a unique and compelling sonic experience. “Danger in the Club” is a thrilling and raucous album that captures the band’s infectious energy. The opening track, “Sweet Violets”, sets the tone with its fast-paced guitar riffs and anthemic chorus. The album maintains its momentum with tracks like “English Tongue”, featuring catchy hooks and gritty vocals that invite the listener to sing along. Palma Violets’ knack for creating adrenaline-fueled, guitar-driven songs shines through in tracks like “Danger in the Club” and “Peter and the Gun”, which are guaranteed to get audiences moving at their live shows. With its raw and unfiltered sound, “Danger in the Club” exemplifies Palma Violets’ ability to create music that is both electrifying and memorable.

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