Poolside: Blame It All On Love (DARK GREEN VINYL)

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Poolside is the recording project of producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Paradise. In 2011, Poolside embarked on a mission to create chilled-out music perfect for summer gatherings. He wanted to capture a light yet danceable sound with sunny vibes and a fluid rhythm, which he labeled “Daytime Disco.” Since then, Poolside has gained recognition for their three acclaimed albums – Pacific Standard Time (2012), Heat (2017), and Low Season (2020). They have also remixed tracks for numerous high-profile artists such as Billy Idol, Jack Johnson & Milky Chance, DRAMA, Miami Horror, L’impératrice, Purple Disco Machine, and Big Wild, just to name a few. Recently, Poolside has collaborated with Todd Edwards, Neil Frances, Brijean, and Buscabulla, showcasing their versatility and willingness to work with a diverse range of artists. Performing as a seven-piece live band, Poolside has shared the stage with renowned musicians like Kacey Musgraves, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Tycho. They have also graced the lineup of major music festivals including Coachella, Primavera, Outside Lands, and Corona Capital. One of Poolside’s notable achievements is their cover of Neil Young’s classic song “Harvest Moon.” They created a unique 12-inch record exclusively for James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), delaying the pressing of their debut album Pacific Standard Time to include this special track. The cover has garnered over 100 million streams, exemplifying Poolside’s musical prowess and ability to breathe new life into beloved songs. Poolside’s latest album further solidifies their reputation as tastemakers, featuring notable vocalists such as Panama, Vansire, Ben Browning of Cut Copy, Slenderbodies, Mazy, Ora The Molecule, and Munya. The tracklist includes songs like “Ride With You,” “Float Away,” “Back To Life,” “Moonlight,” “Where Is The Thunder?,” “Each Night,” “We Could Be Falling In Love,” “Ventura Highway Blues,” “Hold On To You,” “Sea Of Dreams,” and “Lonely Night.” Overall, Poolside’s music is a fusion of feel-good melodies, groovy beats, and captivating vocals. Their ability to create an infectious and uplifting atmosphere has earned them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

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