Prince: Diamonds And Pearls

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The Super Deluxe Vinyl/Bluray Set is a comprehensive collection for fans of Prince. It includes the remastered version of his multi-platinum album “Diamonds And Pearls” on LP1-2, along with 15 newly remastered singles mixes and edits on LP3-4. LP5-9 feature 33 previously unreleased studio recordings from Prince’s iconic Vault, giving fans a glimpse into his creative process. LP10-12 contain a complete, never-before-heard concert performance recorded live at Glam Slam in 1992. In addition to the vinyl records, the set also includes a Blu-ray disc with three hours of video content. This includes the previously unreleased Live at Glam Slam and Special Olympics Concert from 1991, as well as the restored Diamonds And Pearls Video Collection from 1993. The Super Deluxe Edition offers a total of 75 audio tracks, with 47 of them being previously unreleased. Notably, the album opens with a dazzling remaster of Diamonds And Pearls by Prince’s original mastering engineer, Bernie Grundman. The set also features remixes and B-sides from the era that have been remastered for the first time, including the never commercially released mix of “Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min.)” The package is housed in a telescoping 12″ box and comes with a 120-page hardback book. The book features brand new essays by various music experts, rare and unseen photography by Randee St. Nicholas, and Prince’s handwritten lyrics. Overall, this Super Deluxe Vinyl/Bluray Set is a treasure trove for Prince fans, offering an immersive experience into his music and career.

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