Rod McKuen: Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease (SEAGLASS WITH BLACK SWIRL VINYL)

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If you’re tired of the same old Halloween tunes and want something truly unique, look no further than Rod McKuen’s “Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease.” Originally released in 1974 under the name Heins Hoffman-Richter, this album is a symphony of tape delays, IBM instruction manuals, and an ohm septet. But here’s the secret – Heins Hoffman-Richter was actually the pseudonym of Rod McKuen, a bestselling poet and cult music hero. This album, reminiscent of Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music,” delves into the world of musique concrète, using recorded sounds as the raw material for a wild, electronic journey. With no traditional songs or compositions, it’s a Moog-tastic mayhem that might just scare away those trick-or-treaters. This is the first-ever reissue of the album, pressed on limited edition seaglass with black swirl vinyl. The package replicates the original release and includes new liner notes from Joe Marchese. “Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease” is the ultimate Halloween antidote and fan collectors piece.

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