Roger Waters: Dark Side of the Moon Redux (Amazon Exclusive LP)

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Roger Waters’ upcoming seventh studio album, titled “The Dark Side of the Moon Redux,” is slated for release on 6 October 2023. This album is a fresh take on “The Dark Side of the Moon” from 1973, originally by Pink Floyd, Waters’ erstwhile band. This rerecording commemorates the album’s 50th anniversary, and the production was helmed by Waters alongside Gus Seyffert.

In 1965, Waters was pivotal in forming the iconic rock band, Pink Floyd. Their 1973 magnum opus, “The Dark Side of the Moon,” penned entirely by Waters, achieved a staggering 736 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart and boasts over 40 million copies sold globally. Waters bid adieu to Pink Floyd in 1985 and embarked on a solo journey, releasing numerous albums.

While working on his sixth studio album, “The Lockdown Sessions,” which encapsulated minimalist renditions of both Pink Floyd and his solo tracks, Waters contemplated a similar reimagined version of “The Dark Side of the Moon” in light of its 50th anniversary.

Early in 2023, Waters publicized his endeavor to revisit “The Dark Side of the Moon.” He candidly expressed that, despite the collaborative efforts of the other Pink Floyd members on the original, he asserted, “It’s my project and I wrote it … Let’s move beyond this collective ‘we’ narrative!”

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