Royal Blood: Back To The Water Below (Amazon Exclusive Gold Vinyl)

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Royal Blood has announced that their fourth album, ‘Back To The Water Below’, will be released on September 8, setting the stage for an incredible summer ahead. The band’s journey has been a remarkable one, born out of the lifelong friendship and shared passion of two individuals. Their dedication to writing and performing has taken them on a unique adventure, one that has yet to be replicated and is as exceptional as it is uncommon. Before the formation of Royal Blood, the duo spent years playing in different bands and performing in half-empty bars in Brighton. However, their fortunes changed dramatically, and they quickly became an overnight success story over a decade in the making. From plotting how to recover the modest £300 they had invested in their initial recording, to topping the UK album charts, dominating Glastonbury, and winning the prestigious BRIT Award for Best British Group within a year, their rise has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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