Slayer: Repentless (Transparent Red W/ Orange & Black Splatter)

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Slayer has established themselves as the ultimate thrash-metal band, reigning supreme in the genre for over three decades. With their incredible talent and relentless style, they have earned numerous accolades, including two Grammy Awards and multiple “Best…” awards from reputable media outlets such as Kerrang!, SPIN, Metal Hammer, Revolver, and Esquire. Unlike many of their peers who embraced a more commercial sound, Slayer has steadfastly maintained their crushing and brutal approach, never compromising their music for the mainstream. As a band, Slayer has remained true to their roots, unleashing an extreme and focused sonic assault throughout their history. Their commitment to their unique style and refusal to cater to popular trends has solidified their status as icons in the metal scene. Fans can expect nothing less than pure, unadulterated Slayer whenever they listen to their music. 

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