Sleep Token: Take Me Back To Eden

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Fan devotion for Sleep Token is at an all-time high, and global interest continues to grow rapidly. The band is poised to reach unprecedented heights with their third studio album, Take Me Back To Eden. This incredible finale to the trilogy, which began with their 2019 debut album, Sundowning, features over an hour of music across 12 unique tracks. It includes the heaviest moments in Sleep Token’s history (“Chokehold” & “The Summoning”), as well as some of the most commercial and emotionally charged pieces, with a variety of tones and styles in between. Embracing their love for the epic (the title track spans over eight minutes), Sleep Token continues to explore and develop their distinct sound, setting them apart from the crowd and howling at a moon all their own. The future remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Sleep Token will not be constrained by convention.


1 Chokehold
2 The Summoning
3 Granite
4 Aqua Regia
5 Vore
6 Ascensionism
7 Are You Really Okay?
8 The Apparition
9 Dywtylm
10 Rain
11 Take Me Back to Eden
12 Euclid

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