Sweet Pill: Where the Heart Is (BLOOD RED CLOUD VINYL)

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Philadelphia's Sweet Pill is a band that creates eruptive emo songs that seamlessly blend elements of and hardcore. They are deeply rooted in their local music scene, engaging in various side projects and promoting shows through the Philly staple 4333 Collective. This connection to their environment influences their sound, resulting in a unique amalgamation of complex song structures and technical skill that transcends genre boundaries. While they evoke the styles of Paramore and Circa Survive, Sweet Pill's music remains distinct and original. Their debut album, “Where the Heart Is,” consists of ten autobiographical tracks that showcase the band's unbound and raucous energy. Lead singer Zayna Youssef's captivating and versatile voice takes center stage, supported by the talented guitarists Jayce Williams and Sean McCall, bassist Ryan Cullen, and drummer Chris Kearney. The blistering lead single “Blood” explores the complexities of a deteriorated friendship, while “High Hopes” tackles anxiety in a melodic punk fashion. “Diamond Eyes,” the third single, slows the pace and features a breakup lament accompanied by acoustic sentimentality and guest flutist Jill Ryan's emotive performance. “Where the Heart Is” showcases Sweet Pill's ability to combine punk tropes, math- vibrance, and aggression with a pop sensibility. The album's tracklist is as follows: 1. Where the Heart Is 2. Blood 3. High Hopes 4. Dog Song 5. Sucker Punch 6. Sometimes 7. Diamond Eyes 8. Fate 9. Red String 10. Cut.

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