Talking Heads: True Stories

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True Stories, the seventh studio album by Talking Heads, was released on September 15, 1986, through Sire Records. The album serves as the soundtrack to lead singer David Byrne’s film of the same name. It features only Talking Heads’ studio recordings of the songs from the film, as an original cast recording was initially planned but not released. However, some actors’ performances can be heard on singles taken from the album. Later that year, Byrne released a separate album called Sounds from True Stories, which contained the incidental music from the film. In 2018, a complete film soundtrack album was finally released, combining cast performances, tracks from the two previous albums, and the three songs by Talking Heads that are actually heard in the film. The single “Wild Wild Life” became a notable hit from the album and received substantial airplay on MTV. The accompanying music video for “Wild Wild Life” won two MTV Video Music Awards in 1987, including “Best Group Video” and “Best Video from a Film.” Interestingly, the video is an extended sequence taken directly from the film. Additionally, a music video for “Love for Sale” was created for use in the film and later released separately. In 2006, the album was re-released and remastered by Warner Music Group, featuring three bonus tracks on the CD side. The DVD-Audio side of the DualDisc format included high-resolution stereo and surround mixes, a Dolby Digital version, and the music videos for “Wild Wild Life” and “Love for Sale.” In Europe, the reissue was released as a two-disc set including both a CD and a DVDA. The reissue was produced by Andy Zax in collaboration with Talking Heads.

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