Tarzan Original Soundtrack (Limited Transparent Green)

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Experience the magic of Disney’s animated classic ‘Tarzan’ on limited transparent green colored vinyl. This soundtrack features all your favorite songs, including Phil Collins’ heartfelt “You’ll Be In My Heart,” the energetic “Trashin’ the Camp” performed by Phil Collins and *NSYNC, and many more beloved tunes. Don’t miss this colorful collector’s item!


1 Two Worlds
2 You’ll Be in My Heart
3 Son of Man
4 Trashin’ the Camp
5 Strangers Like Me
6 Two Worlds (Reprise)
7 Trashin’ the Camp
8 You’ll Be in My Heart
9 Two Worlds (Radio Edit)
10 A Wonderous Place
11 Moves Like An Ape, Looks a Man
12 The Gorilla
13 One Family
14 Two Worlds Finale

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