The Call: A Tribute To Michael Been Feat. Robert Levon Been Of B.R.M.C.

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“Live release from the veteran Alt-Rock band, paying tribute to their late lead vocalist/songwriter Michael Been. Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club delivers an unforgettable performance, leading his father’s legendary band, The Call. This album captures the spirit of their music and serves as a lasting tribute to the talented artist. A must-have for fans of The Call and those who appreciate powerful and emotive rock music.” Additional paragraph (information about the artist): Robert Levon Been is the son of Michael Been and a member of the American rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. He has followed in his father’s musical footsteps and has proved himself as a talented musician, singer, and songwriter. With Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Robert has achieved critical acclaim for their distinct blend of rock, punk, and blues influences. His tribute to his late father’s music showcased his ability to honor the legacy of The Call while also adding his own unique artistry to the performance. This release stands as a testament to Robert Levon Been’s dedication and passion for music, carrying on his father’s musical legacy with great respect and talent.

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