The Format: Interventions and Lullabies (Cyan Blue)

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Interventions + Lullabies is the debut album by The Format, an indie rock band known for their catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Produced and recorded by R. Walt Vincent, this album was originally released in 2003. As their first full-length release, Interventions + Lullabies showcases the band’s distinctive sound and sets the stage for their future projects. Fans of indie rock and alternative music will appreciate the album’s memorable songs and emotive storytelling.


1 The First Single
2 Wait, Wait, Wait
3 Give It Up
4 Tie the Rope
5 Tune Out
6 I’m Ready, I Am
7 On Your Porch
8 Sore Thumb
9 A Mess to Be Made
10 Let’s Make This Moment a Crime
11 Career Day
12 A Save Situation

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