The Orb and David Gilmour: Metallic Spheres In Colour

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‘Metallic Spheres’ by The Orb and David Gilmour, from Pink Floyd, has undergone a transformation and has now been reimagined and remixed as ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour.’ The producer Youth, known for his work with The Orb, discussed the motivation behind this rework. The initial version of the album was intended to blend the soundtracks of Blade Runner with Pink Floyd’s iconic album, Wish You Were Here. However, with the remix, Alex Paterson, the founder of The Orb, was able to fully showcase his skills and create an Orb classic. The result is an almost entirely different album that offers a unique and fresh perspective. With a runtime of 40 minutes, ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour’ promises to take listeners on an immersive sonic journey. In addition to his work with The Orb, Alex Paterson is renowned for his contributions to the ambient and electronic music scene. As a founding member of The Orb, he has played a pivotal role in developing the genre of ambient house, combining elements of techno, dub, and ambient music. Paterson’s forward-thinking approach to production has earned him a reputation as a trailblazer and visionary within the electronic music community. With his collaboration with David Gilmour on ‘Metallic Spheres,’ Paterson continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, cementing his status as an influential and innovative artist.

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