The Rolling Stones: Out Of Our Heads (US)[LP]

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The Rolling Stones’ “Out Of Our Heads (US)” is an album that showcases the band’s ability to create classic rock singles with influences from R&B and blues, while incorporating a contemporary guitar-based sound. Released in 1965, the US version of the album features two iconic Stones singles – “The Last Time” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” – both considered defining moments in rock and pop history. The album is available as a special package with 180g heavy vinyl, and is part of ABKCO Records’ rock catalog. The Rolling Stones originate from London, UK. The Rolling Stones are a legendary rock band that formed in London, UK. They have been influential in shaping the sound of rock music since their inception. With their distinctive bluesy sound and dynamic performances, the Stones have become one of the most successful and enduring bands in history. They have produced numerous hit singles and albums, constantly pushing boundaries and reinventing their sound. The Rolling Stones’ music continues to resonate with fans of all generations, solidifying their status as rock icons.

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