Tori Amos: Scarlet’s Walk

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This double LP masterpiece from 2002 has received critical acclaim and has been remastered and cut at half-speed for an enhanced listening experience. For the first time ever, Tori Amos’ best and most conceptually elaborate work will be available on vinyl. Scarlet’s Walk takes listeners on a journey through post 9/11 America, as Amos embarks on a cross-country road trip and encounters various individuals along the way. The album includes beloved tracks such as “A Sorta Fairytale” and “Taxi Ride,” along with other powerful compositions that explore themes of sadness, grace, and longing. Originally released in October 2002, this was Amos’ seventh (or eighth, if you count the lesser-known Y Kant Tori Read) album and marked her debut on the Epic label. It was primarily written during a road trip she took shortly after the tragic 9/11 attacks, capturing the essence of a nation striving to define itself.

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