TV on the Radio: Return To Cookie Mountain (Orange)

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The Brooklyn-based post-punk band TV on the Radio achieves something remarkable on their 2006 album, Return To Cookie Mountain. They manage to simultaneously push the boundaries of their sound while also making it more accessible. Although this album doesn’t stray too far from their previous eclectic work, such as the critically acclaimed Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, it is notably more cohesive. Notably, it includes a guest appearance by the legendary David Bowie, who lends his backing vocals to the R&B-infused track, “Province.” The band’s combination of raw loops, stuttering beats, and shoegazing guitar textures creates a truly distinctive sound, especially when the deep, emotive voice of Tunde Adebimpe and the falsetto singing of Kyp Malone blend harmoniously, as heard in the mesmerizing “I Was a Lover.”

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