Unknown: Out Of The Afternoon (Verve Acoustic Sounds Series)[LP]

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Out Of The Afternoon, an album by jazz drummer Roy Haynes, was released in the summer of 1962 on Impulse! Records. It featured the talented multi-instrumentalist Roland Kirk, who was part of the Haynes Quartet. During the golden age of jazz, Roy Haynes collaborated with numerous legendary musicians such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and many others. The album, Out Of The Afternoon, showcases the adventurous and innovative spirit that was emerging in the jazz world during the early 1960s. The Jazz Record marvels at how Haynes managed to partner with Roland Kirk for this album, as they had not recorded together before and Kirk rarely played as a sideman. Nevertheless, their collaboration resulted in an exciting and underrated album. The contributions of all the musicians, including the exceptional piano skills of Tommy Flanagan, perfectly complement Kirk and Haynes’ performances. The Jazz Record recommends listening to Haynes’ originals, “Raoul” and “Snap Crackle,” to experience Kirk’s unique style of playing multiple brass instruments simultaneously. Kirk impressively plays the tenor saxophone and the manzello simultaneously and individually on “Raoul,” supported by an outstanding bass solo by Henry Grimes. On “Snap Crackle,” Kirk takes it a step further, playing the tenor, stritch, manzello, and flute simultaneously, followed by a remarkable flute solo. He even incorporates a nose flute and throat humming as additional accompaniment. While some may consider Kirk an acquired taste, The Jazz Record argues that he is undoubtedly a genius.

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