Vansire: The Modern Western World

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Release Date:
September 8 2023
Number of Discs:


“The Modern Western World” is the third album from Vansire, a dream pop duo from Minnesota. This conceptual roadtrip takes listeners on a musical journey through the American landscape. The album draws influences from various genres, such as music, , house, and , resulting in an eclectic and exciting collision of sounds. Vansire's signature bedroom pop style shines through, while also showcasing the diverse range of inspirations that fuel the band's creativity. The album features collaborations with artists like MUNYA, Barrie, FLOOR CRY, , and more, adding even more depth and dimension to the music. Vansire's “The Modern Western World” is a captivating and immersive listening experience that showcases the duo's artistic growth and exploration of new sonic territories.

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