Various Artists: The Hillbillies In Hell Omnibus (Limited Edition)

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Unleash your dark side with The Hillbillies In Hell Omnibus, a diabolical collection that resurrects the acclaimed and out-of-print Hillbillies In Hell series, along with previously undiscovered subterranean gems. Delve into this sinister carousel of broken Nashville favorites, featuring tales of voodoo rituals, satanic trysts, apocalyptic cataclysms, and more.

Experience the chilling stories of battlefield laments, swamp trash, psychotic aberrations, windswept revelations, and gospel tribulations, as told by troubled troubadours, battered Opry legends, and forgotten backwoods poets. Originally pressed in scarce quantities, these haunting tracks capture the essence of spectral hamlets, smothering sociopaths, voodoo dolls, and rapturous transmigrations.

The Hillbillies In Hell Omnibus is the ultimate companion for those seeking the darker side of Americana, offering a spine-chilling journey through the caverns of regret and the trails of temptation. Revel in this musty collection of Luciferian combats, deathly processions, murderous rampages, mountain messiahs, drugged delusions, divine wrath, and redemption. Discover the crypt of marginal 45s, with some sides impossibly rare and reissued for the very first time, all for your primal listening pleasure.


A1 Voice of the Bayou
A2 Don’t Shake Hands with the Devil
A3 God’s Gonna Turn Us Into Dust
A4 Too Many Pills
A5 Pardon This Coffin
A6 Wrestlin’ With Satan
A7 This Ole House
A8 Jesus Loved the Devil Out of Me
B1 Ghost Town
B2 Jimmy’s Road
B3 Poor White Trash
B4 I Just Can’t Let You Say Goodbye
B5 Psycho
B6 The Marionette
B7 Let Jesus Turn You On
B8 Innersanctum

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