Willie Colon: Asalto Navideño Vol. II (50th Anniversary) [LP]

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The celebration continues! In the second installment of the iconic Christmas salsa album, Asalto Navideño, Willie Colón, Héctor Lavoe, and Yomo Toro deliver more of the captivating melodies that made Volume 1 one of the most beloved Latin music albums ever. Volume 2 showcases the dynamic duo of Colón and Lavoe, alongside the exceptional cuatro player Yomo Toro, as well as the renowned percussionists Milton Cardona and José Mangual Jr. Together, they skillfully infuse the timeless Christmas tunes cherished by Puerto Rican audiences of all generations with a fusion of musical styles. Drawing inspiration from the traditional sounds of música jíbara, a genre of music, their vibrant salsa renditions incorporate influences from Cuban guaguancó, son montuno, and African American jazz.

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